Dusk at Gallery Persia

Gallery Persia History

Gordon MacDonald's interest in this field originated in the 1970's.  His great friend Brian MacDonald, who had spent several years in Iran (Persia), introduced him to old and antique tribal and village rugs and trappings.

Gordon had recently left university in Edinburgh where he studied mathematics and the geometric, stylised designs of tribal rugs were of great interest to him at this time.  Since then, he has continued to build on his interest and knowledge of antique rugs and carpets.

Gordon began as a private collector.  In 1989 he established Gallery Persia, specialising in old and antique rugs and carpets from Persia (Iran), Afghanistan, Caucasus, Central Asia and Anatolia (Turkey).  He has also introduced to his gallery contemporary rugs of a very high quality and design.  Gordon offers a restoration and cleaning service along with a carpet search system.

Gallery Persia is situated in the spacious grounds of his home to the south-east of Inverness, capital of the Highlands.  Located between the city and Culloden Battlefield, Gallery Persia enjoys fine views over the Moray, Inverness and Beauly Firths surrounded by the mountains of the Highlands. Gordon hopes you enjoy the view of the header image looking from the Gallery Persia site towards Inverness at night.