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Old and Antique Bags and Trappings

Antique Kurd Namakdan (Salt Bag), Persian Kurdistan, North West Persia
Mid 19th Century
L: 0.53m (1' 9") W: 0.37m (15")

Antique Kurdish Saddle Bag, Persian Kurdistan
L: 1.31m (4' 4") W: 0.36m (14")

Varamin Saddle Bag, North West Persia
L: 1.55m (5' 1") W: 0.72m (2' 4")

Antique Vanity Bag, Afshar Tribes, Kerman Province, Southern Persia
Last Qtr 19th Century
L: 0.33m (13") W: 0.3m (12")

Tasheh (wheat sack), Varamin Region, North Persia
L: 1.1m (3' 7") W: 1.07m (3' 6")

Antique Grain Bag, Baluch Tribes, Khorassan Region, North East Persia

Lori Salt Bag, Loristan, West Persia
L: 0.63m (2' 1") W: 0.38m (15")

Old Baluch Storage Bag, Khorassan Province, North East Persia
Early 20th Century
L: 0.73m (2' 5") W: 0.71m (2' 4")

Bakhtiyari Half Saddle Bag, West Persia
Last Quarter 19th Century
L: 0.58m (1' 11") W: 0.35m (14")
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